Dear Tamil Canadians and Allies:

We are pleased to share with you the launch of Project Viduthalai today. This project is designed to have a large scale engagement of Tamil Canadians and allies in advancing the documentation, education and advocacy related to Tamil Genocide.

As you know, we have now wrapped up our Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day events. This year, together as a community, we have reached a few important milestones. Now, we officially have the Tamil Genocide Education Act in Ontario. We have many school boards and municipalities across the GTA formally recognizing Tamil Genocide. There are commitments by municipal representatives to build monuments to remember the victims of the Tamil Genocide. We are making progress. But our list is long. We still have a long way to go in our journey for Freedom and Justice.

It’s important to remember but it is more important to remember to act. We all come together on May 18th to remember but let’s also come together for the rest of the 364 days in the year to take an active role in our collective Pursuit of Justice.

We are hoping that you will join us to:

  1. Document the Tamil Genocide and our Resistance (both in Tamil Eelam and around the world) against it
  2. Educate ourselves and others about the Tamil Genocide, including through curriculum in schools
  3. Advocate for the recognition of the Tamil Genocide, Tamil Nation, Tamils’ right to self determination and our legitimate struggle for freedom in Tamil Eelam

Through this collective effort, titled “Project Viduthalai”, we want you to join us and help to dedicate at least 146,679 minutes of effort every month, to remember 146,679 people that were killed or forcibly disappeared in 2009. We know this is an ambitious target, but we know we can get there with all of you in a few months.

Are you able to dedicate one hour a month? If you can, that’s all we need from you. We are building a large enough team to share the work amongst us. So every bit of time will help the cause. The work you do will be based on your interest and can be even getting the word out through social media. It can be technical, social media outreach, research, event support, layout and design, translation, content creation, workshop facilitation, media communications, government relations etc. There is something for everyone. With the help of these volunteers, we will also support other organizations looking for help to advance these above mentioned objectives. Any Tamil Canadian organization that wants to collaborate on this, please feel free contact us.

This effort is being coordinated by The Tamil Heritage Month Council, through Tamil Civic Action.

There is a reason why this work is being undertaken by our Tamil Heritage Month Council. We strongly feel that we can’t separate the Genocide and our Resistance from our histories as Tamils. These histories and lived experiences shape who we are and what our identity is. Any attempt to erase that aspect from our heritage needs to be challenged.

Please join the volunteer team by clicking below:

Please email us at if you need more information.

In Solidarity,
Tamil Civic Action