TTMFD 2021

In collaboration with many organizations and individuals, the Tamil Canadian Centre for Civic Action organized the 2nd Annual Thiyagi Thileepan Memorial Food Drive to commemorate Thiyagi Thileepan’s sacrifice. We wanted to spread awareness of his 12-day hunger strike, while addressing food security in Canada.

In dedication of his 15,918 minutes fast symbolizing strength and courage, we decided to collect and distribute 15,918 lbs of food items to local food banks in the Greater Toronto Area, Montreal, Quebec, Cornwall, and Ottawa.

We are proud to share that with the support of many organizations, media, artists and individuals, we have surpassed the target today.

We have donated over 18,386 lbs.

Thank you everyone for your involvement and generous participation. We are pleased to inform all of you that we will continue this Food Drive. We will build on it to expand it further in the coming years. Thiyagi Thileepan’s sacrifice, courage and leadership will be remembered for generations to come!

Together, we continue to remember, resist and rebuild!