Bharathi Legacy

Celebrating Bharathi | 100 Years Later, His Legacy Continues…

Bharathi (Mahaakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyar) is a Tamil writer, poet, journalist, and activist from Tamil Nadu (formerly Madras Presidency), Indian (1882-1921). He authored many progressive pieces of literature that covered numerous theses including equality, women’s rights, freedom, active living, and community service. His strong stand against the caste system, his drive to achieve Indian’s independence from British Rule, and his inspirational role in the fight for equal rights for women make him one of the most influential persons of the 20th Century India. His works were far ahead of his time and continue to shape the work of thousands of artists and activists even today, even after 100 years since his death.

Through the Bharathi Legacy, the Tamil Canadian Centre for Civic Action is dedicated to remembering and building initiative in dedication of Bharathi within our Tamil Community. Through artistic tributes and social change initiatives, Tamil Civic Action works to continue the work of the great poet and to have our community work towards Tamil success and empowerment.